A Little Goes a Long Way—
The Many Ways of Financial Giving

Built in 1787, the Thetford Hill Congregational Church is the oldest meetinghouse in continuous service in the State of Vermont. It is not only a historical landmark and treasure; it is also home to our worship services, as well as a cherished gathering place for the greater Thetford community and its neighbors.

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Your pledge and non-pledge donations are the major source of the funding that enables our church to fulfill its mission, pay salaries, and ‘keep the lights on.’ While these donations largely fund daily operations, they do not help us build capital reserves. The church has three funds for this purpose that you may additionally wish to consider.

Building Fund began in 2010 as the “Roof Fund” for the purpose of replacing our failing standing seam roof and repairing the Sanctuary’s timber frame roof. Once these repairs were completed, the fund was renamed Building Fund. It is used to pay for repairs and improvements to the Historic church building and grounds.

All Saints Fund. Originally named the Parsonage Fund, this fund was established with proceeds from the sale of the Church Parsonage in 2009. It was later given the name All Saints Fund to signal its broader scope as our endowment fund, through which we pay forward to support the long-term survival of the congregation. The fund is restricted to a draw of sustainable amounts used for the Operating Budget of the church.

Fletcher Fund, named after long-time members of the congregation, is used to help pay for Church furniture and equipment purchases.

Alternatively you may wish to participate in our congregation’s good works by giving to the Floyd Dexter Memorial Community Service Fund. Established in 1997, as the Community Service Fund of the First Congregational Church in Thetford (FCCT), UCC, and renamed in 1999, to honor the longtime resident of Thetford Center and member of our church, who died that spring. As Pastor Tom Kinder said on that occasion, “Floyd’s acts of generosity and compassion in this community are too numerous to count. They were just part of the way he was, a direct result of his principles and his faith. He embodied the quality of neighborliness that represents Vermont at its best, and the love of neighbor that represents Christianity at its best.

Each month requests come in to help pay fuel bills, cover the cost of car repairs and gasoline, assist with childcare, supplement housing and food bills, and the list goes on. With the Floyd Dexter Fund we are able to keep people’s lights on, help hard-working folks get to their jobs, keep families under a solid roof, and help parents put food on the table. We also support discretionary funds for Thetford and Rivendell school students through their guidance offices and help parents get their children to much-needed dental and medical appointments by providing gas cards.

We cannot end all the suffering, but we can do something to ease it. We can give as God and Jesus and Floyd gave.

In 2016, over $11,500 was distributed to over 25 families and individuals, as well as to discretionary funds established in local schools. The Floyd Dexter Fund also supports the Thetford Community Nurse and gives money to Safeline, the Orange County agency that assists victims of domestic abuse and violence, for help with client needs.

Checks can be made out to the First Congregational Church in Thetford, with a note in the Memo line indicating where to direct the donation. All donations are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules.

Legacy Giving?
Legacy giving is not just for the wealthy! Please consider thanking First Congregational Church for the difference it has made in your life and your community, by making a contribution from your estate through a bequest.
Options include:

  • Making a Gift in your Will or Trust: By putting aside a fixed amount or small percentage of the assets in your will or trust, you can leave a legacy, while still making sure your family has the security they need for the future.
  • Naming FCCT as Partial Beneficiary of your Retirement Plan or Life Insurance: By dividing your assets in percentages, you can benefit loved ones, and our church. To make this type of gift, simply contact the Administrator of your retirement account or insurance company for a change-of-beneficiary form.

Examples of the different ways in which people used legacy giving to remember the church include:

  •  Mel Clouser, who had generously promised to pay for the installation of an elevator when we built the annex, to make the church truly handicapped accessible. That promise of money was subsequently paid out of Mel’s estate.
  • Carl and Elizabeth Clark, who had been regular participants in the congregation in years past when they summered in Thetford, designated our church as residual recipient of their annuity upon Elizabeth’s passing. Receipt of that donation represented a wonderful windfall at a time when our finances were in major need of a boost.
  • While only having very limited resources, Charlotte McCartney nevertheless remembered the church in her will, a gift that is helping us to improve our church grounds.

Donating Appreciated Stocks

People who have invested in the stock market for a long time often have investments that have appreciated significantly. If that sounds like you, a great way to give is to donate stocks at present value. Upon receipt, the church is able to sell that stock without your incurring capital gains tax. Proceeds can then be allocated either to our operating fund or one of our capital funds, as you prefer.
Remember, any gift you can give, no matter how small it might seem to you, will truly make a big difference for the Church.

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