(Loving Earth as Faith)


Mission: The LEAF Fund exists to foster the stewardship of the Earth and our corner of it, focusing especially on climate change and related local environmental, energy and economic issues, offering leadership, disseminating information and creating models to inspire others, and working together with organizations in the community, region and nation to reach our shared goals. The LEAF Fund is a program of the First Congregational Church in Thetford, United Church of Christ.
Current Projects: The LEAF Fund’s activities have included education and advocacy on environmental, energy and economic issues relating to climate change and the construction of practical alternatives to our society’s harmful ways to inspire others locally and around the world, establishing the Thetford Hill Church and Town of Thetford as useful models. Completed projects include:
• Conservation and weatherization measures in the historic Thetford Hill Church to reduce fuel use by thirty percent;
• Converting the church from heating with oil to using locally-sourced biomass fuel, increasing our energy efficiency and greatly decreasing our carbon emissions, while also stimulating the local and regional economy.
We also envision:
• Creating and disseminating educational and informational materials to help other community institutions and homeowners conserve and convert to biofuels;
• Creating a resource and education center within the church where schools, community organizations, town energy committees and homeowners can see the model we have created, learn from our extensive research and experience, and be inspired to action;
• Hosting an event on how communities and their institutions and residents can address climate change in ways that improve the environment, increase local energy independence and stimulate the local economy.

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